We are the Leading Supplier of Premium Denim Fabric and Garments in the World.

Code Of Conduct

All the directors /employees of Artistic Denim Mills Limited are advised to note that your company has adopted the following Statement of Ethics and Business Practices, which should be complied with in letter and spirit, while discharging your responsibilities:

✓ Principles of business are Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty.

✓ Prevalent laws of the Pakistan shall be abided.

✓ Highest standards in all spheres of business activity shall be complied with.

✓ Proper books and records shall be maintained.

✓ Conflicts of interests must be avoided.

✓ Company's assets and information must be safeguarded against improper use.

✓ No involvement in any political activity.

✓ Giving and receiving of gifts is strictly prohibited.