Stock Exchange

The company symbol of Artistic Denim Mills Limited is ADMM and it is listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited (formerly: Karachi Stock Exchange Limited) of the country.

Registration / NTN

Registration Number: 0027235
NTN: 0704132-2

Rating Of the Company

VIS Credit Rating Company Limited.

Long Trem
Short Trem

Share Registrar

M/s. F. D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
17th Floor, Saima Trade Tower-A, I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi.
Phone No. (+92-21) 35478192 -3 / (+92-21) 32271905-6

Free Float of the Shares

Key Operating And Financial Data

Performance at a Glance

2022 2021
Earnings per share 7.79 4.21
P.E. ratio 7.19 21.58
Book value per share 86.19 80.09

Unclaimed Dividends


Annual Reports

Half Yearly Reports