We are the Leading Supplier of Premium Denim Fabric and Garments in the World.


Our facility is powered with solar panels combined with in house closed loop power generation plant and provide 100% of our required energy . The hot water and steam produced by generators is used throughout our facility.



ADM spinning unit is equipped with state of the art equipment provide high quality yarn and complete backup support. A variety of yarns from 5.5 single to 30 single are produced in open end, ring spun, core spun and special yarn blend.


The denim unit has 2 Rope Dyeing machines consist of 24 Ropes each. They are equipped with steamers and other addons to produce colors shades unique to us. We use Aniline free liquid indigo dyes directly from Dystar,Germany.


We have latest high speed wide width AirJet & Rapier machines which enable us to weave all kind of denim fabrics. All machines are centrally monitored and controlled to produce defect free fabric.


Our fabric finishing department consists of multiple singeing, mercerizers, stenters, foam and knife coating machines, sanforizers to produce almost every type of finish required in the market.


ADM has been known for its quality products among its customers all over the globe. We believe quality is an important driver to earn customers loyalty. ADM has been developed quality control infrastructure to provide utmost excellence standards on all production stages.