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What do women want?

To feel sexy, sensuous, and self-Assured.

To feel good in quality clothes that fit. The sheer number of different body shapes makes finding the right pair of jeans a daunting experience. Consumer research shows that the top two purchase criteria for jeans are fit and comfort. Women look for clothes that move with them, without pulling in all the wrong places. They’re willing to pay more for garments that deliver these desired attributes.

Delivering Fit

Fit is more difficult than ever to achieve because women’s body shapes are changing and they want more from their garments. They demand comfort, fit and good looks. To deliver good fit, we study how the body moves to understand stress points at the knees, hips, crotch and behind. All jeans “appear” equally comfortable when they’re stationary; it’s when they move that their true identity emerges.

How much pressure is too much?

There’s 90% less pressure at the knees, hips, crotch and behind with XFIT LYCRA® fabric versus rigid alternatives.

How XFIT LYCRA® fabric delivers the fit women want

Innovative cross-weave technology provides four-way directional stretch that moves 360 degrees, and delivers:

  • Low shrinkage
  • Low growth – great shape retention
  • Excellent recovery
  • Custom-like shape
  • Wider window of fit
  • Slender looks
  • Authentic denim look and feel

XFIT LYCRA® technology allows designers to sculpt the body while increasing comfort, bringing ever expanding options to top denim brands.